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Bracelet Size guide

Follow our bracelet measurement and size guide below to get the best fit for you. Each bracelet comes with a 3cm extender unless otherwise stated in the product description.

If you have trouble finding out your wrist size, please refer below for instructions on how to measure your wrist size. Additionally, we provide a visual aid on bead sizing for your reference below.

Bracelet table (2)_edited.png
Bracelet size assist.png

Bracelet measurement guide:
How to measure your wrist

Bracelet measure guide

1. Cut out a string that would fit around your entire wrist. Ideally, 20cm of string. Or use a measuring tape.

Wrist size (3).png

2. Wrap the string/measuring tape snuggly and comfortably around your wrist, do not leave additional space.

Wrist size (2).png
Wrist size.png

4. If using string, take the string and set it straight on a ruler. The length of the string where your marker ends is your wrist size in cm


If using measuring tape, the length of where it ends on your wrist is the wrist size in cm.

3. Take a marker/pen and note where the end of the string wraps around nicely on your wrist. Or read where the measuring tape ends

Bead size guide

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