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Image by Alyssa Strohmann

Our story

Tina and Stephanie are a pair of sisters that share the same fiery passion for jewellery and semi-precious gemstones. They understand the struggle of finding good quality and long-lasting pieces without the extravagant price tags. 
During their search for a solution, they found a love for gold-filled and Argentium® silver jewellery. These materials are more durable and have a much more accessible price point than solid gold and white gold. Thus striking a balance between quality and price. It was the perfect choice for the everyday modern person. 

Auralette– hoping to bring great quality, durable pieces that are worth their value. The best things in life are affordable luxuries.

Our team

Co-founder: Stephanie N.
Co-founder: Tina K. 
Supermodel cat: Max

Our dedication

– We do the research so you don't have to –

We are committed to ensuring that all our materials are sourced from certified manufacturers. All gold-filled components contain the required amount of 1/20 gold by weight as mandated by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). Additionally, we are under a license that grants us the ability to use Argentium® silver in our jewellery pieces and ensure that all silver pieces are made of Argentium® silver. 

Our semi-precious stones are meticulously handpicked from across the world before being sorted again by us. Every bead is inspected and only premium quality stones are selected to be used in the final product. 

When you purchase from Auralette, you can be rest assured that your pieces have gone through a rigorous process of quality testing and control.

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