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14k Gold-filled | Argentium ® Silver | Nickel-free | Hypoallergenic | Natural gemstones


Why we chose to work with 

Gold-filled components

True gold filled jewelry pieces contains at least 5% of solid gold by weight 

 We believe that gold-filled is the most appropriate alternative to solid gold - in terms of its affordability, wear and appearance. Gold-filled components have a thick layer of real gold that is mechanically bonded onto the base metal instead of being electroplated where the gold is easily rubbed off. This process makes gold-filled jewellery much more durable, able to withstand water exposure and is more resistant to tarnish. As such, gold-filled outperforms gold plated jewellery.

In addition, since the layer of gold in gold-filled jewellery is very thick, it has better hypoallergenic properties than gold plated jewellery. Therefore, most people can wear gold-filled jewellery on a daily basis without irritation. With proper care, gold-filled jewellery may last for many years with normal wear and tear. Read below for an in-depth comparison between gold-filled, plated and vermeil jewellery.

Distinguishing between gold-filled and gold plated/vermeil jewellery is not always easy. It becomes even more challenging as sometimes gold plated/vermeil jewellery is mislabelled as gold-filled. And to make matters worse, jewellery sold as gold-filled can often contain much less than 5% real gold, as not all countries regulate gold-filled percentages, thus it's even more essential to purchase gold-filled from reputable sources. These misleading claims can cause consumers to pay a premium for ingenuine products.

At Auralette,  we work extra hard to establish relationships with reputable manufacturers who comply with the U.S.A Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and MJSA to ensure that your jewellery is only made with quality gold-filled materials that has been certified to contain 1/20 real gold. 

Read more about gold regulations at these links:


How does gold filled compare to gold vermeil and solid gold?

Inspecting a Ring

Gold filled

Production Process

A thick layer (5% gold of weight) of gold is heat and pressure bonded onto the base metal 


Very durable, should last years with proper care



Gold Vermeil

Production process

A layer of gold is electroplated onto 925 Sterling Silver (2.5 microns of 14k gold)


Medium durability. 



Gold Plated

Production process

A very thin layer of gold is flash electroplated onto a base metal (0.5 to 1 micron)


Low durability. Gold layer is easily rubbed off



Why we chose to work with 

Argentium® Silver

The Finest Silver | Hypoallergenic and nickel-free

We all love silver jewellery, but know and dislike the fact that it is a high maintenance metal that tarnishes easily and loses shine and brilliance very quickly. Which is why we sought out to find an improved alternative that reduced these problems. Introducing Argentium, a silver alloy that was designed in the UK in 1980; and was discovered to outperform the traditional 925 sterling silver to make it:

- 7 times more tarnish resistant

- 4 times whiter and brighter

- Stronger and more durable

- Purer (93.5% pure silver vs 92.5% sterling silver)*

This makes Argentium® the clear choice as the best alternative to 925 silver while still being more affordable than white gold. To work with the metal, Argentium® silver requires a specialised set of skills as it behaves slightly different to regular silver. Rest assured that each single piece of our Argentium® silver jewellery is crafted with our utmost attention to detail and perfection. We hope you love your pieces as much as we loved making them for you.

* Information courtesy of Argentium®. For more, visit

Argentium silver

Argentium® silver

The finest silver 

What is the difference between Argentium® Silver and 925 silver?

Argentium silver is a revolutionary high performance metal that is purer and outperforms traditional sterling silver.


Argentium silver has superior tarnish resistance due to its fortified structure with added 1% Geranium. As such, Argentium silver produces a silver that is harder, stronger and much more durable than sterling silver.


 In comparison to traditional sterling silver and other precious metals used in the industry, (such as platinum and white gold) Lab tests have confirmed that Argentium® exhibits a higher level of brightness and whiteness. This is due to the reaction that occurs with its added Geranium– which is almost 100 times more expensive than copper, making Argentium® more valuable than sterling silver. 


The science behind Argentium's tarnish resistance 

Hypoallergenic and nickel free

^ Unless otherwise stated, all information regarding Argentium® silver is provided to us under license by Argentium®. For more information visit

In traditional sterling silver, tarnish is a result of the other metal alloys in the silver that react with oxygen in the air, forming a dark, blackish coating.

When the surface of Argentium® is exposed to air (oxygen), the added 1% geranium reacts with oxygen to form geranium oxide, which serves as a protective layer against oxidation that significantly increases its tarnish resistance. 

Traditional Sterling silver jewellery  has long been associated with discolouration when it comes into contact with the skin. In some cases, this has caused the wearer to suffer an adverse reaction.

Argentium® Silver does not contain nickel and is hypoallergenic. Making it the number one choice for silver jewellery. To find out more, visit

Our gemstones

Our Gemstones

Our gemstones are carefully sourced from Europe, India, China, the Americas, Brazil, Madagascar, Russia, Myanmar and all over the world. When we source for the best semi precious stones to add to our offerings, we work to ensure that they are all natural and from reputable sources. For each gemstone, we compare and select the source that offers the best quality.

Each stone is carefully and meticulously inspected in-house before being selected to be used in the final product. To see how we sort our gems, follow us on our social pages!

With every purchase, you are receiving a piece of nature that has been lovingly selected for you and is uniquely yours. 

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