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Quartz - A perfect all rounder

Quartz is one of the most versatile and colourful crystals. Quartz comes in a multitude of shades and varieties. Clear quartz, yellow quartz (citrine), rose quartz, strawberry quartz and amethyst are some of the types of quartz you may have come across. Each variety holds their own uniqueness and energies. In this article, we cover 4 main types of quartz: clear quartz , amethyst, citrine and rose quartz.

Clear quartz

is known to be the master of healing. Set intentions for the day with this beautiful crystal to aid in focus and gaining clarity. Clear quartz can help settle erratic emotions as it balances any emotional turbulence we may have.

When using with other crystals in practice, it helps amplify their energy by absorbing and releasing to harmonise the frequencies of all other crystals


is another widely sought after and popular quartz. Buyers search high and low for an Amethyst with deep purple hues, large teeth (in raw form) and clean formation. The name Amethyst is a derivative of greek 'α', meaning "not" and

' μεθύσκω ' (methysko- Ancient Greek), meaning "intoxicate".

The metaphysical properties of amethyst can amplify intellectual thought and clarity, guiding one to think critically about the situations you may face.

In Feng Shui, Amethyst has a high spiritual vibration said to ward off negativity and protect against draining energies. Purple is also known as the colour of royalty and amethyst is said to attract abundance, wealth, prosperity and strengthen energy. Amethyst clusters and geodes are often placed in the wealth corner (Xun position, North).


is another popular crystal loved by many. Citrine is believed to revive energy and bring motivation to reach one's goals. It is a beautiful stone that invites positivity with its bright sunshine hues. Citrine does not need to be cleared/cleansed like most crystals as it transforms negative vibrations into positive ones instead of absorbing and storing it.

In Feng Shui, it is said to be a great crystal for manifestation. One that brings abundance, vitality, overall good well-being and groundedness. For this reason, citrine is usually placed in Tai Qi, health or in Xun, wealth, to bring vitality in ones general health and encourage abundance in prosperous opportunities.

Rose quartz

has become increasingly popular these days as its soft pink hues have attracted many to its aesthetically pleasing colour and look as well as the metaphysical properties they harbour. It embodies soft feminine energy and is associated with promoting love. Including self-love, familial love and love in your partnerships and romantic relationships.

This stone is all about looking within and gaining insight into your emotions, compassion and confronting any hatred or ill wishes we may have for ourselves or others. It can bring about healing, love, and peace in any situation that one may face.

Connecting with the Heart Chakra, this crystal is meant to open up the emotions of the heart and heals whatever needs some tender loving care. Its energy is gentle, welcoming and soft.

In Feng Shui, it used to attract strong, lasting partnerships and self care. It is placed in Kun (relationship) to promote good compatibility in marriages and for inviting love into one's life.


Take a look at our range of quartz jewellery in our shop to carry with you the powerful energies wherever you go and keep them close to you. They are perfect to wear at work, for an interview, or around new people, as some crystals can help instill calm and lessen anxiety. They are also wonderful everyday pieces that promote the manifestation of intentions to help one achieve their daily goals.


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