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A golden hello - golden rutilated quartz

One of my favourite quartz has to be Golden Rutilated quartz (GRQ), a wonderful clear crystal that has shimmery hair like rutile inclusions which could almost be mistaken for gold. It is thought to be linked to the solar plexus and promotes creativity, positivity, hope as well as provide strength to conquer obstacles.

While quartz maybe one of the most common minerals on earth , the inclusions rutiles made up of mostly titanium oxides is what gives Golden rutilated quartz its golden sheen. The rise in popularity of this quartz in recent year has caused it's price per gram to rocket as high quality stones became increasingly harder to source.

I feel really lucky to be able to work with some in our first jewellery collection.


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Solar plexus

Associated horoscopes:

Taurus & Gemini


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